Slindon Cinema at Coronation Hall

The Coronation Hall was built in 1937 to serve the village – a time when film was THE main entertainment and the Hall was created with a full projection room. For many years Coronation Hall put on films, until life moved on, the projector broke and was eventually removed. Well now its back.

Slindon Cinema started some years ago as an A Level project for villager Joe Cornick.

At the age of 17 he created Slindon Cinema – in part as an element of his Film Studies, but mostly to indulge his passion for film in general and the magic of 35mm film in particular.

He returned the old projection room to its former role and installed a traditional 35mm projector and associated equipment.

Now in his early 20’s Joe still runs a film season with monthly screenings during the winter months. The magic of 35mm (and now with 16mm capability as well), the period style of the Hall and the unique character and style of the screenings make these rather special evenings

Click here for more details about Slindon Cinema    including the current programme and booking arrangements.

Showing of ‘The Tango Lesson’ as part of the Chichester International Film Festival, at Slindon Cinema – August 2019
Christmas 2020 – screening of the 1946 seasonal classic ‘Its a Wonderful Life’